TalkNotes - Turn your thoughts into actionable notes, fast | Product HuntTalkNotes - Turn your thoughts into actionable notes, fast | Product Hunt
I just tried TalkNotes and it is extremely intuitive, the interface is pristine, the voice to text transcription was impeccable, it even performed well in Spanish.
Luv it - picks your voice up without mistakes, AI conversion fantastic - Great service from Support
Campbell Watt
Been using it for the last 2 months. Super easy. Saves me 5 hours every week minimum. A mobile app would be a great addition. Congrats on the launch!
Dan Kulkov
OK, I tried it out on the Website, and I have to say, with my mixed-up British/Texas accent, it did a crazy good job at transcription from both a microphone and an audio file. This will be a purchase for me to save time in so many content ways. Well done!
Peter Witham
Ok bye bye to all those Voice to Text apps or tools or whatever that was unable to appropriately convert my voice to text (adding those hmm s, thinking of e as i) Also since my childhood I have some issue with my tounge that made me either stop on combination of some alphabets…
Gagan Ghotra
Love it! I've been following your journey over Twitter (x) for a while now. Thanks for making Talknotes, I just tried it and it's SUPER helpful for busy people!
Tom Orbach
This is so good. Most time I wish the day would last for 32h to get more stuff done. That’s not gonna happen soon but tools like TalkNotes can give you so much of that precious time back. It’s really worth its weight in gold. Love it! 🙌
Dan Mindru
This makes it super easy to take notes using your voice. The product is well-executed and Nico listens to his customers making continuous improvements to the app.
David Gutiérrez
I have been trying to find something similar for a very long time.. For example, when I am listening to an audio book I want to speak and make some notes, when I'm on my Peloton and watching some course on the laptop, I want to take some notes.. Your app will be the best thing to do this...
Sandeep Bansal
The quality of the transcriptions is fantastic and require virtually no rework. Compared to incomparably more expensive professional transcription tools, the results are dimensions better.
Thomas Mickeleit
Talknotes is really quite fantastic. While you could hobble together similar functionality with various apis etc, the out of the box nature of Talknotes is definitely worth the price.
I had been looking for a while for exactly this type of app, and I've yet to find one that works as seamless as this one, so thank you! The multilingual input works really smooth, and the ease with which I can record audio and store notes which are cleared up for me automatically.
This is really great app and a huge time-saver. I'm currently using it for notes, transcripts and emails but am also going to try journalling I like that the emails are in my personal style unlike other ai apps where they are really formulaic
Pier Smulders
Congrats on your launch! I like your movie and UI! You use ChatGPT to organize talk data, don't you? It's one of the most creative ways of using LLM I've seen.
Naoto Shibata
Congratulations on the launch, Nico! This is really helpful for taking notes on the fly. The app is user friendly, easy to use, and does exactly as advertised. Best of luck on your mission!
Iskandar Chacra
TalkNotes is a great tool when you ask questions from your customers as you can tell them not to just reply with voice notes to take away the effort of writing from them Congrats on the launch, Nico!
Rohit Gulam
I'm the type of indie dev that slams voice notes of ideas, and have dozens just sitting idle. This is pretty neat. now I can have them organised in text so I can actually search through my mind mess. great product.
It's an very nice product, clean and easy to use. Love to use it over Siri or other audio capture mechanism. Give it a try, Nico is building nice and clean products 🔥
Sometimes I murmur because of habit and talks nonsense because it can get hard to put sentences and ideas together but this app does such a great job in making them more coherent in writings.
Getting my thoughts organized has always been difficult. Between journaling, writing down ideas, obsidian, notion... it's just a mess. TalkNotes just works. It's easy to use and does the job just as I expect it. I've caught myself recently recording my thoughts instead of trying to write them down. Saves me a lot of time. It's like the first stop for my ideas before polishing them or diving more into them.
One of those great tools that find a specific pain point and works around that to bring something really useful. Came along your IndieHackers story, amazing work Nico!
Esteban González
Probably just what I was looking for. A super-easy note-taking tool by using the voice. This would ease the work so much. Love it!
Simran Puri
Great tool! Definitely worth incorporating into your stack.