Who still needs keyboard in the AI. era?

Turn your thoughts into clear content. Fast

Just speak, and let the AI transcribe, clean up and structure your voice. Create clean transcripts, blog posts, video scripts & more. And it works in 50+ languages!

  • Works in 50+ languages
  • Super limited beta-price
  • Trusted by +1000 happy users
Trusted by +1000 happy users
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No signup required:

Start by recording yourself.
Don't worry about "hum" and pauses, just speak your mind!
Pick a writing style for your note
A short note with the core ideas of your audio
Cleaned up transcript with punctuation.
A bullet point list with the main ideas.
To save your notes, get more styles, record longer audio & more, try TalkNotes +

Preparing your note...

How does it work?

1. Record Your Voice

Speak your thoughts, ideas, or anything else. Don't stress about pauses or mistakes, just talk naturally.

2. Choose a style

With the lastest AI technologies, TalkNotes will transcribe your voice into any kind of content. Journal entry, cleaned up transcript, blog... Your creativity is the only limit!

3. Edit & organize

Once your note is ready, you can tweak it to your liking. Add tags to organize your notes, change the style, or even edit the transcript.

Use cases


Capture your creative sparks on the go! TalkNotes transcribes your brainstorming sessions, so you can focus on your next big idea without missing a beat.

Content Creation

Create content effortlessly! Dictate your thoughts directly into text and speed up the writing process. Ideal for bloggers, writers, and content marketers.


Document your personal journey with ease! Voice journaling with TalkNotes helps you express feelings, ideas, and memories without the need to type.


Transcribe interviews in real-time! Whether it's for journalism or research, TalkNotes provides accurate text from your recorded conversations.


Make meetings more productive! Record discussions, transcribe them instantly, and never miss an important detail again.

Educational Notes

Enhance your learning! TalkNotes allows students and educators to convert lectures and study sessions into clear, organized notes for future reference.

Demo Video

Want to see the app in action? No worries, I've got you covered!
Here is a live demo showing how to create a note:

(Watch in x2 if you're in a hurry)


Turn your ramblings into usable content

Limited time launch discount: up to 75% off
$59 $197
For a whole year of access

14-days money-back guarantee

TalkNotes + Include:

Unlimited notes
20 minutes recordings
File upload
Custom styles
Secure your discount forever
Trusted by +1000 happy users
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How accurate is the voice-to-text conversion?

Our state-of-the-art AI technology ensures a high accuracy rate. However, it may vary depending on the clarity of the speech and background noise. You can always edit the text if needed!

Can I use TalkNotes in different languages?

Yes! TalkNotes supports 50+ languages. Whether it's English, Spanish, French, or others, you can effortlessly convert your voice memos to text.

Can I upload my own audio files?

Yes! TalkNotes + gives you the ability to upload your own audio files up to 20 minutes long. Perfect if you need to transcript a phone or zoom call.

Can I edit the text once it's converted?

Absolutely! TalkNotes allows you to edit and organize both the content and the transcript. Tailor it to your needs & create content easily.

Do I need an internet connection to use TalkNotes?

Yes, an internet connection is required to utilize the full range of features in TalkNotes.

What about privacy?

Glad you asked! All audio files are deleted after they are transcribed, and we don't train the AI using your notes. Your notes are 100% yours.

How can I contact support if I have questions or need help?

We're here to assist you! Feel free to reach out via live chat or email us at [email protected]. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Is there an API?

If you're interested by an API, contact me at [email protected]!